Petra Kalive

Available for Voice Overs?: YES

Home Studio Setup: Yes

Source Connect: No

ISDN Line: No

Home Studio Equipment: AKG C414 matched pair large diaphragm condenser | AKG C451 x2 small diaphragm condenser | DPA 4060 matched pair condenser (to match location sound) | Studio Projects T3 tube microphone | Beyer M201 | Rode NTG3 shotgun | Adam 5.1 system comprising Adam A77X active monitors x5 and Adam Sub 8 subwoofer | KRK 6000 passive speaker pair | Yamaha NS10 passive speaker pair | RME UFX II interface (inc 4x mic pre's) and Arc USB controller |Universal Audio 6176 (610B tube mic pre, and 1176 compressor/limiter | Audient ASP800 (8x mic pre's) | Drawmer 1968 stereo tube compressor | Sound Devices 552 (to match location sound) | Patch Bay | Headphone amp (4 mixes) | Sony MDR 7506 headphones

Compilation Reel

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