Maria Pattison

Maria is currently designing costumes on AUSTRALIAN GANGSTER, produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond for Channel Seven. Maria’s previous credits include season four of NOWHERE BOYS, produced by Matchbox for ABC TV, the 2017 feature film STEM and acclaimed director Cate Shortland’s feature BERLIN SYNDROME, shot in Berlin and Melbourne, starring Teresa Palmer and Max Riemelt which premiered at Sundance 2017 (World Dramatic competition). Maria received a Nomination for Best Costume Design at the 2017 7th Annual AACTA Awards for her work on BERLIN SYNDROME.

In late 2015, Maria was nominated for Best Costume Design at the 5th Annual AACTA Awards for her work on PARTISAN (Ariel Kleiman), starring Vincent Cassel (that premiered at Sundance World Dramatic competition in 2015).

Costume Design credits include STORIES I WANT TO TELL YOU IN PERSON (Erin White), SATELLITE BOY (Catriona McKenzie) and SUMMER CODA (Richard Gray).

Assistant Costume Design credits include THE LEFTOVERS Season 3 (2016) (HBO/ Warner Brothers) and feature BALIBO ((Robert Connelly) starring Anthony La Paglia and Oscar Isaac, working with multi award winning Costume Designer Cappi Ireland.

Maria has a Bachelor in Creative Arts, a Graduate Diploma in Anthropology and is currently enrolled in a Masters program in Visual Anthropology at Freie Universitat Zu Berlin.

Maria Pattison

Maria Pattison Credits

— Berlin Syndrome

— Partisan

— Satellite Boy